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Warranty at CDL Cars in Croydon, Surrey

We love cars as were sure you do to! Today's cars are fantastic yet ever complex pieces of machinery and realistically with all of those components and moving parts they can occasionally go wrong.

For peace of mind we have teamed up with the AA and supply all of our vehicles over £999 with a 3 month warranty as standard.

We have chosen the AA to provide our warranties because they are upfront about what you should expect from their warranties, they do have terms and conditions but we feel they don't hide behind tons of small print to wriggle out should a claim need to be made.

We think they are the good guys of the warranty world and if you'd like to extend the term of your warranty were more than happy to help.

A few reasons from the AA why extending your warranty can be a wise decision:

  • The average cost to replace a failed ECU unit is £878.14
  • The average cost to replace a failed alternator £367.99
  • The average cost to replace a failed water pump £339.26
  • The average cost to replace a failed cylinder head gasket £919.51

AA Warranty prices:
- 6 months gold £200
- 6 months gold assist £230
- 12 months gold £340
- 12 months gold assist £380
- 24 months gold £470
- 24 months gold assist £530
- 36 months gold £600
- 36 months gold assist £700
*Prices may vary slightly depending on vehicle specification

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